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Colour Sound Therapy ®

Colour Sound Therapy®

What is it? 
Colour Sound Therapy® is a unique modality combining the use of stainless steel tuning forks and the Spectro-Chrome colour therapy system.  

Spectro-Chrome colour therapy originates in the late 1800’s and was created by Dinshah Ghadiali. His work has been carried on by his sons.


The Effects of Colour Sound Therapy®

Colour Sound Therapy® enhances the ability to heal from within. Profound changes in the energy levels of the body occur with colour and sound being applied in a gentle non-invasive method.

 This method is used to correct imbalances, uncover emotions, stimulate growth, and then transformation occurs.  The Tuning Forks are applied to the acupuncture and acupressure points to access the Body's Meridian and Chakra energy systems. The body’s aura is receiving colour through the lamp system and since colour is an energy vibration just as sound is, the body begins to resonate with balance. 

We enter the world of creative origination, healing, unity and balance. This healing modality has the power to connect us with the Source of original harmony.

As the body listens to the tones it will naturally adjust it and come into balance. As the body is exposed to the light spectrum the natural resonance of the body’s frequencies is discovered.

The Body becomes more energized. The physical state improves. 

The Mind becomes focused.  Wisdom is discovered.
The Emotions become more stable. Feelings can be dealt with by means of elegance, grace and ease.                 
The Spirit is more peaceful. We experience the state of Grace.
How It Works

Along the distribution network of the meridian system there are 330 main acupoints near to the surface of the body and these are considered to be main downline transformers or chakras in themselves able to absorb and transfer energy into the body directly.  

The Aura contains the complete Blueprint of all the information relating to the physical body therefore dysfunction and imbalances always show up on this auric level long before they manifest themselves in the actual physical body itself.

The person being treated will only ever take and absorb what vibrations they need from the sound or the colour as does the therapist when using them - Colour Sound Therapy is therefore a safe form of therapy to use and is useful for all ages.

The forks can be used with a laser like effect directing the energy into a small focused area or on a Meridian point or painful area of the body.  Alternatively they can also be used by just simply rotating them in a Figure 8 Infinity or spiral pattern to get the desired effect. 

When two forks are rung together there is a holographic effect like two laser beams coming together to produce the third image being the hologram - when two notes on the tuning forks are sounded together the brain hears three notes in reality as it differentiates between the two frequencies to create the third that is not defined by the senses.  This unheard holographic sound is an important aspect of Trinity that has a pronounced part to play in the healing effect that the forks can produce. 

The forks use resonating multiple overtone sound energy combined with the therapist’s own transmission of conducting healing energy when holding the forks.  In effect they become an extension of the healer’s hands and the combination of sound seems to amplify the overall energy levels being transmitted.  The effect of this is that it can release the many types of stress or congested energy. 

Colour and Sound healing allows an individual to get in touch with his or her essence.  It helps the person achieve the inner peace necessary to unify.

There are many Certified Colour Sound Therapy practitioners and instructors throughout Canada.
As the creator of this modality I am pleased to share the next course dates that I am offering.

Saturday July 26th or Sunday August 10th. Edmonton Alta.
Location: TBA
10-5 each day
Investment: $150.00 ($200 in September)
Includes all course materials and instructional DVD.

Please email Cathy : for more info.

PayPal available.