Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Colour is Your Mood?

Colours and How They Affect Your Mood
We respond to colour on a non-conscious level. And that is part of the reason that they are a great tool to manipulate the way that we feel. This form of addressing health issues is recorded as far back as ancient times. Today, people who practice Feng Shui, acupuncture and other types of adjustments for better living will introduce colours. These practitioners will employ tools like gemstones, coloured fabric, candles and prisms.
There are many colour charts that you can find on the internet and in libraries. Generally, you will find that they share similar evaluations about the effects of specific colours.
Think about it: If you ever went to your closet and dressed for the day and chose colours based on how you felt or what was ahead of you, then you practiced a bit of colour therapy.

If you are feeling overly stressed, you can use colour as a stress management tool. As we have seen, the calming effect of colour can help you relax and let your worries go for a while. Colours can be great tools in your efforts to manage your stress and feel better and more in control.

Surround yourself with pink. It's the colour of calm tranquillity. Add small splashes of pink around the home to create an atmosphere of calm. You can use pink in the bathroom, bedroom or other areas. Wear a pink sweater or other accessories to balance your energies and promote inner peace. Pink promotes self love.

Add yellow to your life if you've feeling down. Yellow is an excellent colour to lift your spirit and relieve depression. Use it in the kitchen to encourage family time, happiness and joy.

Choose blue for a calm environment and a good night's sleep. Blue is a very relaxing colour. It promotes tranquillity and healing. If you're suffering from insomnia, put yourself to sleep by adding plenty of blue to your bedroom décor. Choose bedding in shades of blue and wear blue pyjamas.
Blue/Turquoise is also a good colour to wear when speaking in public since it promotes good communication.
Add a touch of green to your environment and wardrobe. Green is a very soothing colour. It promotes harmony and relieves anxiety. Spruce up your home with green accessories including house-plants. If you're feeling drained wear something green and invigorating. Too much green can lead to depression.

Put some violet in your life. Violet is the colour of wisdom, peace and strength. Wear it for inner peace. Use it in your home to promote a peaceful environment. Violet is a spiritual colour that is good for meditation.

Choose classic white for a clean look and feel. White is cleansing and purifying. When used in the home décor white gives a clean, fresh look and really opens up a room. One of the great things about using white in the home or wardrobe is that it goes with everything. 

 Stress is necessary for life. You need stress for creativity, learning, and your very survival. Stress is only harmful when it becomes overwhelming and interrupts the healthy state of equilibrium that your nervous system needs to remain in balance. 

When stress overwhelms your nervous system your body is flooded with chemicals that prepare you for "fight or flight." While the stress response can be lifesaving in emergency situations where you need to act quickly, it wears your body down when constantly activated by the stresses of everyday life. The relaxation response puts the brakes on this heightened state of readiness and brings your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium.

Smell something you love. Lavender calms the mind. Grapefruit encourages energy and happiness. Rose helps you feel loved.

Go for a walk. Get out in nature even for 15 minutes. Walk around your house. The air will rejuvenate you and you will have a fresh perspective.

Don’t hang out with negative nellies. These are the people who are always gloomy and negative. Stay with upbeat people if you can.

Surround yourself with colour. Put on something bright and colourful. You will feel better right away.

Try different things until you find what works for you